Custom Sewing Labels

I’ve been sewing clothes for tiny people recently. To be clear, I mean my nephew (age almost 2) and my boyfriend’s friend’s daughter (age 4ish). Once I have some pictures of adorable children wearing homemade clothes, then I’ll write it up as a blog post. But before I gave them these, I wanted to add a label inside, with my logo on – obviously.

So I went hunting for a custom label making company. After a lot of research, which I won’t bore you with (I did fall down the rabbit hole of internet research), I decided on printed ribbon labels from The Creative Artisan Co on Etsy. They were reasonably priced, but most importantly I could get a small batch.

I designed what I wanted on Illustrator and sent it off to Nicky (the shop’s owner) and later that day she sent me a proof showing what my order would look like.

They were exactly what I wanted so I sent back the thumbs up. A few days later they arrived, ready to be sewn into clothing.

I would highly recommend using The Creative Artisan Co, Nicky was incredibly quick at processing my order and the finished product is brilliant!

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