1. Summer Nails

    So summer is finally over. It’s been quite strange as normally I would be busy making things. But this summer I haven’t been able to due to my back problems. Finally, after lots of waiting and an MRI, the doctors realised that I had prolapsed a disc. So last week I had surgery to remove […]

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  2. Nail Transfers

    I continue to decorate my nails (as I can’t do much else creative at the moment). This week I tried out some nail ‘tattoos’ I had purchased a while ago. These are very easy to use. You paint your nails as normal, then cut out the transfer you want to use (cutting as close to […]

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  3. Ombré Nails

    As I am currently not allowed to use any of the machines in my workshop (due to the cocktail of painkillers I am currently on), it means I can paint my nails without the risk of them being destroyed in a day. I thought that ‘nail art’ might also be considered ‘making something’, so I […]

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