Alison Glass Lumen Quilt

A long term project I’ve been working on for a while (and to be honest it has been finished for a while, but I haven’t posted about it) has been an Alison Glass Quilt. I wanted to try out foundation paper piecing, so I watched a few YouTube tutorials and (in classic “me” fashion) thought “how hard can it be”.

So I bought an Alison Glass pattern called Lumens. I will freely admit that choosing this as my first foundation paper piecing quilt was perhaps a little over ambitious, but I took it slow and completed it after 6 months.

Some errors I made with fpp was using normal printer paper, so I couldn’t see though it at all. This made placing the fabric quite challenging, and I would often have to unpick things and try again.

When the panels started coming together, I really liked how the rainbow colour scheme was coming together

Once all the panels were joined, I used curved safety pins to hold together the back, batting and front before sewing the 3 layers together.

Next mistake, I decided to quilt it myself. Which proved to be a massive workout for my arms! I probably should have sent it away to someone with a long arm quilting machine.

But despite the challenges, I think it turned out ok.

I sewed the binding on by hand, which did take a very long time. I think it worked well, but again hand sewing in the middle of summer with a giant quilt on my lap was, um, tricky.

I have also discovered that taking a picture of a whole quilt of very challenging, especially as it is the size of a king size bed! So here is the best picture I’ve managed so far…

I loved the whole process! And I’m currently deciding on my next fpp quilt. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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