It took a year, but it’s finished!

Every 6 (or 7) years I design a cross stitch that represents my life at that moment in time. It started in 2000 when my daughter was born. Last year I designed the 3rd cross stitch and started embroidering it. Finally a year later it is finished (I will be honest and confess that it was in hibernation for about 7 months of the year!).

I designed it using an iPad app called Stitch Sketch which was really easy to use.

Here you can see a QR code I turned into a cross stitch pattern. It’s also quite useful that you can choose to design in normal RGB colours, or using the DMC colour chart.

I printed out the various design I made (some were purchased from Etsy and adapted) then stuck them together the old fashioned way using masking tape.

So here is the finished cross stitch:

As you can see, now my daughter is a teenager our life has become very geeky! I am also very proud that the QR code works, when you scan it you can read ‘Katie and Charlie 2013’.

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