The Weighted Blanket (pt 3)

So after a close look at my Singer, I found a thread wrapping itself around the crank wheel.

Black thread on a black machine proved quite challenging! But at least I was up and running again.

As the blanket rows filled it became more and more unwieldy.

I kept having to fold the filled rows over to stop it from suddenly cascading over the edge of the table. But eventually, I was down to the last row.

Before starting to fill it, I trimmed off the excess fabric leaving just over 1″ for a hem. I also unpicked some of each columns so I had space to fold the edge under.

Then as I filled each pocket I folded and pinned each section to stop the beans from escaping.

Then I carefully sewed along the top, pausing at each column divider to sew down the column to replace the stitches I had unpicked.

And then it was finished (to be fair I feel like my upper body has done an epic workout!)

I think the shark fabric has worked well and looks quite effective with the pockets.

And I think the contrast of fleece and fabric also works well. We’ll just have to wait and see what the reaction is next week when she unwraps it! (I’ll try and take some pictures……)

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