The Anderson Blouse Pt3

Today I thought I would try out some seams on the fabric, especially as I wanted to encase the raw edges of the fabric as it frays very badly. Fortunately, Sew Over It were very generous with their fabric estimations, so I had plenty of spare fabric after cutting out my pattern pieces

As my sewing machine can only do a straight stitch, I tried out a French Seam and a Flat Felled Seam.

When I compared the finished straight seams I definitely preferred the flat felled seam. It lies completely flat and was slightly easier to do (no juggling with seam allowance mathematics). Although the French seam looked neater on the outside, I didn’t like the feel of it on the inside, plus I knew I would have to cope with a gathered seam and a set-in sleeve and they are more difficult with a French seam.

I then decided to test the flat felled seam in both a set-in sleeve shape and a gathered straight edge.

The flat felled seam worked well, but I need to be more careful when sewing so I don’t catch any of the fabric in the seam.

So now I have tested everything I can think of, it’s time to take the plunge and sew the actual blouse!

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