Summer Activity Planning

Every summer my daughter and I use a ‘jar of stuff’ to plan our summer activities.

At the start of the holidays, we write lots of activity suggestions on pieces of paper, fold them and put them in the jar. Then each Sunday my daughter pulls out 4 or 5 pieces of paper and we arrange them over the week. Duplicates can be swapped, as can 1 activity each week (in case something comes out that we don’t really fancy that week). There is also a mix of stay at home, free out and about and paid for activities.

Here you can see the activities that came out for next week. I then write them on post-it notes and arrange them over the week in my planner. Along with other things that we know need to happen, like going to the gym.

Some things have been pre-booked, like our trip to the cinema on Tuesday.

I then make stickers to replace the post its. I use my Xyron Sticker machine to turn printed out pictures into self-adhesive stickers.

We also plan out our menu for the week (again using post-it notes), I save all the previous post it’s so we can reuse things that worked well.

Finally, the stickers are complete and everything we know ahead of time is written in, leaving plenty of space for to-do lists and essential things to be added in.

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