Paper Trophy

Over the summer, I have been gradually adding art to my flat. We’ve lived here for 5 years and it’s taken me a while to work out what I wanted to do.

I decorated the corridor with 7 framed Harry Potter graphic art prints. I had to recut the mountboard because the posters were a little too small for the default mountboard.



I also wanted to put something in my living room, which has a large expanse of white wall. I saw some Paper Trophies online and thought this would be perfect.

Paper Trophy is 3D art that arrives in pieces. You need to glue it together, but it is really easy as all the pieces are numbered. The order came with a practice piggy bank, which took me about an hour to glue together.



I ordered the Unicorn head to ‘mount’ on my wall.



You have the pre-fold the pieces and then find the edges that match. This was more complicated that the piggy bank (unsurprisingly) and took me about 3 hours to build.

I tried to attach it to my wall, but it wasn’t sturdy enough to push on. So I decided to stick it on mountboard and then frame it. I could then attach the frame to the wall.

I tried out gold and black mountboard, but as you can see the black worked a lot better.



Finally, I attached the frame to the wall using Command Strips (which are fantastic by the way!).


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