Merchant & Mills Sewing Book

I recently picked up a copy of the Merchant & Mills Sewing book. It was an impulse purchase (well sort of). I had to go to Waterstones to collect a large pile of books purchased by my teenager in the Boxing Day sale, and I saw this book in the sewing section. I had been eyeing it up online for a while, so it seemed like fate! The book was wrapped in plastic, so I couldn’t flip through it before purchasing – which is always annoying, but they needed to protect the removable pattern pieces at the back.

The book is 175 pages long and has a folder on the back cover containing two patterns (more on that later). The first 64 pages are really interesting. They contain beautiful illustrations and key knowledge (mainly for beginners, but more experienced sewists can also learn some things).

I think I need to increase my scissor collection!

The rest of the books contains a series of basic projects to practice sewing skills. Some of them are quite useful (such as the Tailors Ham, Sleeve Roll and Travel Sewing Kit) but most of them are types of bags or cushions.

The last two patterns (a Shawl and a Fisherman’s Top) require the pattern pieces in the folder. I was quite annoyed when I saw that the pattern pages need enlarging on a photocopier.

Especially as, with slightly thinner paper, they could have included full-size patterns.

Overall, I think it is an interesting book. I will be referring to the first third of the book a lot as I continue to refine my sewing kit. But I’m not that fussed about the projects.

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