Et Volia!

By sheer fluke, my zip arrived in the morning post. So I had no excuse but to crack on with the skirt. Unfortunately, I don’t have a zipper foot (yet – I am stalking eBay for one), so I put my concealed zip in by hand.

After sewing up all the seams, inserting the lining and sewing on the waistband; it was time to try it on.

It is a pretty good fit, I didn’t need to take any in on the hips. I placed pins on the knees to show where the hem will need to sit. Although the skirt is now finished, I’m going to take photos when it’s light.

Finishing all the hems, waistband, lining and concealed zipper took an awful lot of blind hemming. I forgot how long this takes, but it does look good.

Next project will be this:

I might already have some black polka dot fabric and turquoise lining on its way to me at the moment (love online shopping!).

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