This year, the boyfriend and I decided to try and use completely compostable wrapping paper and present decorations. We decided to use brown paper to wrap the presents, held together with jute string (which is biodegradable) and I managed to find some that were red and green. If you aren’t humming “brown paper packages tied up with string” by now, then your brain doesn’t go where mine does!

We wanted to make some gift tags for the presents, but we needed to batch produce them. Fortunately, as a Product Design teacher, I have access to a laser cutter.

I purchased a snowflake gift tag design on the Cricut Design Space (it was the end of term and I didn’t have time to design anything myself).

I then converted the file to be readable by the laser cutter software and cut it out of kraft board. I set the machine to cut as many as would fit, so I ended up with 71 gift tags.

I think they look quite smart!

While I’m still getting the hang of wrapping presents without any tape or glue, I think they are coming out quite well. I just hope the recipients like them.

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