Darts and Seams

I’ve been busy today working on my Charlotte skirt (thoroughly enjoying being on holiday from school, so I have time for this!). I sew on a vintage Singer sewing machine. Mine is a 99k from 1934, it only sews with a straight stitch, but I have been collecting different feet attachments to enable my machine to do more.

I knew I needed to finish the edges of my seams, as the fabric was fraying quite badly. Normally I would use a French seam, but I didn’t want the extra bulk along the hip line. So I thought I would try out my ‘new’ attachment: a zigzag foot.

I tried out finishing with both a zigzag stitch and a straight stitch to see which gave a better finish.

The top one is zigzag, the bottom is straight stitch. I felt the straight stitch looked a lot better, so I went with that one. I am planning on using pinking shears to completely finish the edges, but I need to borrow my mum’s shears – until I can get my own pair.

After a busy afternoon of sewing, I have completed the outside and inside shells.

Now I need to wait for my invisible zip to arrive before I can continue. Hopefully, it will arrive tomorrow!

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